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What You Should Know When You Are Diagnosed With Cataracts: Tips For You

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When you go to the eye doctor because of trouble with your vision, you may just expect to get a new prescription for your corrective lenses. However, if you come away instead with a cataracts diagnosis, you may be unsure of what to think or do about the situation. While you may feel defeated or despondent about the situation, it is more beneficial to you to begin learning what you can and should do to deal with your cataracts. Read More»

5 Tips For Dealing With Chronic Dry Eyes

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Chronic dry eyes is a common eye disorder that plagues many people. If you’re afflicted with dry eyes, your eyes may constantly feel irritated, gritty, or like there is foreign matter in your eye. Use the following tips to deal with chronically dry eyes: Use Artificial Tears  Your dry eyes may be soothed by using artificial tears on a regular basis. You can purchase artificial tears over the counter at a drug store. Read More»

Sleep Apnea's Adverse Effects On The Eyes

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The National Sleep Foundation estimates that more than 18 million people in the U.S. have sleep apnea, which can impact vision. Both the condition itself and the CPAP machines often used to treat it can cause a variety of eye problems. Therefore, if you have sleep apnea, it’s important to be aware of the possible adverse effects it can have on your eyes. Floppy Eyelid Syndrome Floppy eyelid syndrome is a condition often associated with obstructive sleep apnea. Read More»

Common Questions And Answers For Those With Vision Problems

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The ability to clearly see the world around you is a critical sense for most people. Unfortunately, there are a number of problems that you can develop that may interfere with your sight. In particular, nearsightedness and farsightedness are among the more common issues that patients may experience. If you are struggling with one of the vision problems, corrective lenses and routine eye exams can be an effective approach to combating this problem. Read More»

Refuting Common Myths Concerning Eye Problems

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Your sense of vision is without a doubt one of the most important senses that you have, but there are many problems that can develop over the course of your life that might impact your ability to see. While there are eye doctors that have the experience and training needed to help treat patients with a wide range of symptoms, there are many patients that may struggle to make sound decisions about seeking this treatment because they believe some commonly held misconceptions. Read More»

Explaining Common Optometrist Tests

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Going to the eye doctor can be a pretty undesirable experience, in many cases because you aren’t sure exactly what each test does. However, each of these tests is very important in protecting the health of your eyes and catching any conditions before they spiral out of control. To help you figure out exactly what’s going on when you have an eye exam, here are some of the most common tests and what they do: Read More»

How To Know When It's Time For Bifocals

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As part of the natural aging process, the lens of your eyes will begin to harden and become less flexible. This is a normal condition called presbyopia, and it affects most people at some point after age 40. For those who do not wear glasses for nearsightedness, it will indicate the necessity of reading glasses; for those who have already been wearing eyeglasses, it will mean that a switch to bifocals is in order. Read More»