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Refuting Common Myths Concerning Eye Problems

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Your sense of vision is without a doubt one of the most important senses that you have, but there are many problems that can develop over the course of your life that might impact your ability to see. While there are eye doctors that have the experience and training needed to help treat patients with a wide range of symptoms, there are many patients that may struggle to make sound decisions about seeking this treatment because they believe some commonly held misconceptions.

Myth: It Is Easy To Tell If You Have Vision Problems

It may seem like it would be very simple to determine whether or not you are developing vision problems, but this is not the case because these issues often develop very gradually. As a result, you may not notice the deterioration in your vision until it has already reached advanced stages. Due to this fact, you should never miss your annual eye exam. These exams will give the eye doctor the opportunity to thoroughly exam your eyes for any potentially serious problems that may be developing. For example, cataracts is a fairly common problem for patients to encounter, and while it can become debilitating if allowed to progress, it can often be treated with something as simple as eye drops if it is diagnosed early enough.

Myth: Patients With Astigmatism Cannot Use Contacts

Corrective lenses are among the most common method used for addressing the various vision problems that patients may develop. However, it is an unfortunate fact that there are many people that may not want to have to wear glasses. Whether this is due to a concern about appearances or practicality, you may wish to opt for contacts instead. Unfortunately, there are many people that have astigmatism, and they assume that this condition will prevent them from enjoying the convenience and comfort of contact lenses.

Luckily, advances have made it possible for many patients with astigmatism to be able to utilize contacts. This is done by opting for soft lenses that can conform to the misshapen eye of patients with this condition.

When you are unfortunate enough to develop a serious problem with your vision, it is critical for you to seek the care of an experienced eye doctor as soon as possible. Often, vision problems can be treated more easily if they are seen by a doctor before they can worsen. By understanding the importance of your yearly eye exams and that astigmatism no longer means patients are automatically unable to wear contacts, you should be better equipped to make informed choices for your vision care needs.