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Benefits Of Different Types Of Vision Correction Choices

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If you have had your eye exam and found out you need corrective lenses, you may have the option of going with glasses, contacts, or Lasik eye surgery. Learn about the benefits of each below so you can determine which one is the best option for your needs.

Benefits of glasses

Besides a little bit of cleaning with a soft cloth, glasses are maintenance free. They can easily be worn when you need them and taken off when you don't. You can also have different options included into your lenses so they meet your needs.

A few of the options you can order to be included on your lenses are an anti-scratch layer, anti-glare and/or tinting. The tint can range from light to dark and you can opt for tint that automatically darkens when you go out in the sun; this prevents the need for sunglasses.

Benefits of contact lenses

Contact lenses may require you to clean them, but this is only necessary when you take them out and before you put them in. In return for that, they give you the benefit of correcting your vision without the need to wear anything on your face. If you like to wear fashion sunglasses or makeup, you can still do so without worrying about your prescription lenses getting in the way.

Contact lenses can also come with bifocal benefits and in some cases they can actually help to correct the shape of your eye which can eventually lead to you no longer requiring corrective lenses to see properly. You can even choose to go with contacts that change the color of your eyes if this is something that interests you.

Benefits of Lasik eye surgery

If you are a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery, then you can undergo a procedure that will greatly correct your vision so you won't have to wear corrective lenses anytime in the near future. Lasik eye surgery is done by pulling back the outer layer of film on your cornea and using a laser to reshape the eye in a way that corrects your vision.

The procedure will leave you uncomfortable for the day, but you will heal quickly and be able to see clearly soon after. One of the reasons some people don't choose this option is it isn't normally covered by insurance.

Now that you understand the benefits these options have to offer, it should be easier for you to decide on the best one for you. For more information, talk to a professional like Northway Eye & Contact Lens Center.