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Moving Past Your Fears So You Can Wear Contact Lenses

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If you like the idea of wearing contact lenses, but you have a serious fear of touching your eyes, you may still be able to wear contacts successfully. There are tips and tricks you can use to learn how to put the contacts in and take them out that may help you to move past the fear. It won't take much practice before you have the steps down and start to do it automatically.

Prepare the contacts properly

Since you have a fear of touching your eyes, you want to prepare the contacts so you barely feel them go in. Make absolutely sure they aren't flipped inside out. You can do this by putting a contact on the tip of your finger and looking at it in good lighting. The contact should be shaped like a cereal bowl. If it flares out at the edges, flip it the other way to correct it.

Rinse the contact well with the contact solution and fill it up at least half way. By adding in a good amount of the solution, you will make it easier for the contact to go in without feeling it as much. Do all this over a clean surface in case you drop the contact.

Putting the contact in your eye

To put the contact in, you will take your non-dominant hand and use your middle finger and your thumb to open your eyelids as wide as you comfortably can. Lean forward, over the clean surface in case the contact falls, and move the contact to your eye without tipping it and spilling the solution out.

Look straight ahead and very slowly move the contact closer. Don't focus on touching your eye with your finger because the contact will go onto your eye before you would expect with the help of the solution. Looking slightly to the side will cause the contact to go on the white of your eye which is more comfortable. It will naturally make its way to the center when you blink.

Taking the contact out

Some people remove their contacts by pulling down n their bottom eyelid and sliding them down However, this may be difficult for you to do since you have a problem with touching you eye. Instead, you can remove them by using your middle finger and thumb to pull the outer corner of your eyelids and stretch your lid toward your ear. Look toward your nose and blink. Have your other hand under your eye, ready to catch the contact.

Following the tips in this article should make it easier for you to move past your fear so you can start wearing contact lenses from an optometrist like Martin Eye Clinic, P.C.