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Customized Eye Patches for Children to Wear While Being Treated for Amloyopia

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If you have a child who suffers from amblyopia, he or she more than likely has to wear corrective glasses or an eye patch to correct their vision. The glasses more than likely do not hamper your child's self-confidence because there is such a variety of really neat eyeglass styles on the market. Having to wear an eye patch may make your child feel less confident simply because people will be looking at them and staring more often because it is something out of the ordinary. If you want to boost your child's self-confidence, consider creating customized eye patches for him or her to wear. The following guide walks you through the quick and easy process of making fabric eye patches that are unique and customized to suit your child rather than having them wear the plain adhesive patches that are on the market.

Create a Pattern to Follow

The first thing you will need to do is create a pattern to determine how large or small the eye patch will need to be. Have your child lay flat on the ground and lay a piece of paper over the side of his or her face that needs the eye patch. Trace around their entire eye socket and down around the side of their face where the eye patch will need to cover. Place the piece of paper on a piece of hard cardboard and trace the template making sure that you add roughly half an inch all the way around the edges of the eye patch to account for sewing the sides of the fabric under so that the eye patches have a finished look when you are done. Cut around the guide you designed to create a template that you can use again and again.

Cut Out the Eye patch

You now need to choose a fabric to use for your child's eye patch. You can choose to use a fabric that already has a pattern on it or choose a fabric that features a solid color that he or she can decorate themselves. Trace the pattern onto the fabric and then cut it out carefully.

Sew the Eye Patch

Next, you need to fold the edges of the eye patch under and use an iron to flatten them so that the eye patch has crisp edges. Use a needle and thread to carefully stitch around the edges of the eye patch so that all sides are smooth and have a finished look.

Once you have finished creating the eye patch, you can sew ribbon or a piece of stretchy elastic to each side of it so that it will stay on your child's face when they wear it. Your child can use fabric markers to dray unique designs on their eye patches or even add peel-and-stick jewels to it. The eye patches will boost your child's confidence, while allowing them to express themselves in a unique way. For assistance, consult optometrists like