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5 Reasons To Have Cataract Surgery

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If you are experiencing problems with your vision, you should see an optometrist. This will allow you to get a comprehensive exam that will detect any problems you may have. For instance, if you have cataracts, you may want to know the many reasons for having surgery to correct this issue right away.

Reason #1: Success Rate

Studies show that in 98% of patients choosing cataract surgery, this is a successful procedure. The goals of correcting the vision are reached, and the cataracts are removed without a problem.

Reason #2: Improved Vision

Once the surgery is complete, your vision will immediately improve. It may take a few hours for your blurred vision to go away due to the surgery, but this will quickly disappear.

The clarity of your vision will be stronger, and the colors will additionally be brighter than before the surgery. Also, you may not need to rely on your corrective eyewear as much as you did in the past or not at all.

Reason #3: Quick Procedure

Cataract surgery can be completed fast, and this is ideal for most people who have some anxiety about the process. In most cases, the entire procedure can be done in ten minutes. You may need to stay for 30 minutes where you are having the surgery done to get over any grogginess before leaving.

Reason #4: Outpatient Surgery

Most people don't want to spend a day or night in the hospital. However, this is typically the norm if you're having any type of surgery performed. This is not the case if you are having cataract surgery done.

You can have this critical procedure completed as an outpatient. This is much more convenient and less expensive for you to obtain the desired results for being capable of seeing better.

Reason #5: Minimal Discomfort

One of the benefits of having cataract surgery completed is that there isn't a great deal of pain or discomfort with this procedure. In some case, patients have even reported it being painless, and this may be the motivation you need to consider having it done.

Finally, being able to get rid of cataracts and begin seeing better may be just a surgery away for you. Be sure to discuss the details of this operation with your optometrist to learn if you are an ideal candidate for it and can reap all of the benefits that accompany it.